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“Tiffany is the person that every top producer has in the back ground that the public usually doesn’t know about. She is making you tons of money and making you look like you make no mistakes. A must for any top producer wanting to get to the next level!” ~ John Ellis, Keller Williams Realty Northwest Montana

Real Estate Digital Marketing with Amazing Results - and Prices

Real Estate Digital Marketing to GROW Your Business!!

If you can't seem to find the time to write or even post regularly, you're not alone. Take a huge step forward ahead of your competition by regularly posting what we call "core" or "foundational" content - informative nuggets for your audience that answers the questions that they are asking right now.

Then, as you can, post what is happening in your business and your life! Those posts will "win" even bigger than ever before.

Blog Posts

Real Estate Digital Marketing Options

Consistently adding blog articles to your website will drive more traffic to your website every single month, move you up the search results, and build your reputation.

  • Attract more people to your website who are searching for answers to questions, using different keywords on each blog post.
  • Show search engines like Google that you are a wealth of information and an appealing website by having more traffic that enters your site on internal pages on your website.
  • Create a new landing page for your website with every blog post.
  • Add articles to show the world that YOU are a knowledgable authority in your industry.
  • Date stamp your home page as being updated often by feeding the newest blog articles into your website Home page.

Social Media Posts

Real Estate Digital Marketing Options

Are you using Social Media to improve your SEO, grow your audience, build your profile, and get more clicks to your website? If you're not - start now!

  • Show your audience that you give them what they need right there in every social post.
  • Drive new people to your website, creating potential new leads if captured correctly.
  • Become even more recognized as a knowledgable leader in your industry using value-based posts with links to your blog posts, providing more detailed information.
  • Improve your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with links that go to internal pages.
  • Include the 5 pillars each week: (1) valuable information to targeted groups, (2) a peek into your life to "get to know you," (3) listings, (4) testimonials, and (5) local information to build the BEST social profile.
  • Researched Content
  • Social Posts Link to YOUR Blog Posts
  • Balanced Content Categories for Broader Reach and Better Profile
  • No Lame "Title Only" Social Posts
  • No Duplicate Content if You Rewrite Portions of It
  • No High "Custom" Prices (Unless You Want Custom Work)

Compare it to Our Custom "Secret Sauce" ....

The OMH Agency Secret Sauce

Our cornerstone service is our Secret Sauce: regular blog articles, foundational social media post, and monthly emails to targeted audience with captions from a recent blog post. The cost for this starts at $2,000 per month plus setup.

The Exciting Solution: Swipe and Grow

We are very pleased to offer you an option that is EXTREMELY affordable. We build an editorial calendar like we would for any custom client based on what question target audiences for a given industry are asking, we write blog posts, then social media posts that provide value to the reader and link back to individual blog posts (internal linking, which is very good for SEO).

The cost starts at only  $147, and we'll post everything for you for only $947 per month - that's almost over a thousand dollars less than our Secret Sauce - every month!

You'll be absolutely amazed at the volume of good content you get for the money from a team who really cares about your success.

Don't Take Our Word For It ....

Click here to sign up now for a free 7 day trial and immediately use 2 blog articles and 20 social media posts (10 short and 10 long social posts).

Pricing Options Start at Only $147/ Month and the first set is FREE.

Free trial for Standard Level only - but everyone gets a 14 day money-back guarantee!!

Do you really need blog articles on your website?

From Owner and Founder, Tiffany Youngren

How does it all work, exactly? Here is a TOUR of your dashboard:

Resources, Training, and Downloads for Swipe and Grow Members

4 Blog Posts Every Month

Blog posts are articles that, when added to your website on a consistent basis, improve your search ranking, help you show up higher on search pages, position you as THE authority in real estate, with a "finger on the pulse" and a leader, plus EVERY one of these pages acts as a landing page - yet another opportunity to grab leads and visitors to your website.

TOPICS TARGETED TO AUDIENCES: Buying, Selling, Commercial, and Investments

Social Media Posts

  • 20 Posts Per Month

    You get these social media post swipes times TWO: a “short version” for Twitter and a “long version” for other platforms.

  • Drive More Traffic to Blog Posts

    Many of the social media posts are excerpts from and to drive traffic to your BLOG POSTS that you’ll be adding from content we provide.

  • Get More Engagement

    Content is created by OMH Agency and updated as we measure results across the board – so it is improved as you go!

Exclusive OMH Agency Resources

  • OMH Big List

    You will get access to our BIG LIST template, which is a Google Sheet that we create for our website and custom clients.

  • Preferred Tools Links

    We manage social media, email campaigns, and blogs – we have tried countless tools and will give you the list of exactly what we use. Yes – we really share our back end secrets!

  • Special Offers

    You will be among the first to hear about new real estate podcasts, training, and webinars.

Pricing Options Start at Only $147 / Month and the first set is FREE.

Free trial for Standard Level only - but everyone gets a 14-day money back guarantee!!

Pro Writers with Digital Marketing Focus

Blog articles and social media posts are written to provide VALUE to the audience -- buyers, sellers, and investors.

We research keywords, trending topics, and popular articles to create a very targeted editorial calendar for high quality real estate digital marketing.

Then, skilled writers use high level sources to write articles aimed at answering questions that your audience has - providing value to your current and potential customers.

This is the same process we use for our custom clients across many industries (as well as real estate)!

Save $1,000+ Off Our Custom "Secret Sauce" Services!


Options to Fit Your Budget (and Time)

Standard (DIY)
7 Day Free Trial
Access Free Content

You Take the Content and Post It

  • 4 Blog Articles / Month
  • 20 Long Social Media Posts
  • 20 Short Social Posts
  • Links to Free Images
  • List of the Tools We Use
  • FREE TRIAL: 10 Free Social Posts for You to Keep
  • FREE TRIAL: 2 Free Blog Posts for You to Keep
Pro Blog
We Post the Blogs

We Do Your Blog, You Use Social Content

  • 4 Blog Articles plus Featured Images (We Post)
  • On Page SEO Optimized for Blog Posts (We Post)
  • BONUS: Unlimited Text / Image Changes on Your Website!
  • 20 Long Social Media Posts (You Post)
  • 20 Short Social Media Posts (You Post)
  • Links to Free Images
  • List of Tools that We Use
  • Self-Hosted WordPress Website Required
Pro Posts
We Take Care of Blog + Social

We Post Your Blog AND Social!

  • 4 Blog Articles plus Featured Images (We Post)
  • On Page SEO Optimized for Blog Posts (We Post)
  • BONUS: Unlimited Text / Image Changes on Your Website!
  • 20 Facebook Posts (We Post)
  • 20 LinkedIn Posts (We Post)
  • 20 Twitter Posts (We Post)
  • Account Manager
  • Self-Hosted WordPress Website Required
Free Trial (DIY)Get Started

Then $147 / Month

Pro BlogWe Post Blog, You Post Social

$647 / Month

Pro PostsWe Post Blog + Social

$947 / Month

UltimateWe Post Blog+Social+Email

$1147 / Month

How It Works If You Post Everything Yourself

With "Basic" and "BasicPLUS," you can VERY easily post everything  yourself in just an hour per month:

  • 1


    During the 7 Day Trial, you will receive 10 social media posts and 2 blog posts to get a feel for the format. After that, you will get 4 new blog posts and 20 new social media posts every month! Past content will remain in your portal - you will continue to have access to it.

  • 2


    Copy the blog title of the article and paste it to a new blog post on your website. Then click a super easy button - "Copy to Clipboard" - and paste it to the new blog post. You can "spin" the article by changing words here and there. There are also very helpful links to images that you can use for your Featured Image.

  • 3


    Use one of our recommended free social media schedulers, then copy and paste the posts we provide you. You'll be amazed by how quickly this process goes - once you get the hang of it, you'll be posting once a month, when the new social media posts are available, in only about 20-40 minutes per MONTH!! Now you have NO excuse for not keeping up with social media..... The social media schedulers we recommend have excellent tutorials available - and they are the most straight-forward, easy to use apps we could find.

Try Swipe and Grow for 7 Days - FREE! Get 2 free blog posts and 10 long + 10 short free social media posts to try out. No contracts!

Free trial for Standard Level only - but a 14 Day Guarantee at all levels!

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the 7-day free trial work?

When you sign up for Swipe and Grow or Swipe and Grow Plus (either of the DIY services), you are not billed for 7 days and you can cancel any time during that trial period. During the trial, you get 10 social media posts (both "long" and "short", so 20 total) and 2 blog posts to swipe, or copy and paste into your social media scheduler and WordPress blog.

Is Swipe and Grow only for WordPress blogs?

No and yes. You may subscribe to the DIY version and use it for other platforms, but we only offer support for hosted WordPress websites/blogs (not sites).

What OTHER industries does Swipe and Grow serve?

Custom services are available for most industries.

Can your writers write for real estate?

Yes. When we take on developing a strategy for real estate digital marketing, we do our homework and have writers who know how to write. Our team works together to coordinate the strategy, writing, and projected implementations of the content. We have written hundreds of real estate social media and blog posts.

OMH Agency's "Secret Sauce" is [Web Site] + Blog Posts + Social Media + Email Campaigns .... What about the email campaign?

We are happy to provide ULTIMATE Swipe and Grow, which is the full secret sauce. The price shown includes us sending one email newsletter out to the list you provide us for up to 1,000 contacts (more contacts can be added - contact us for pricing).

How important is an email campaign?

EXTREMELY important!! This is one valuable method to contact your prospects. You'll want to get in touch at least 33 times. Click here for a sample calendar.

What if I need extra help, ideas, have ongoing questions, etc.?

You may look into any of the training offered by OMH Agency or, when you go to the checkout during your subscription sign up process, you'll be offered monthly mentorship.

What do you mean by "Shared Content"?

We have done our best to take articles and social media writing in a very strategic and proven effective way, what is typically very expensive, and often cost-prohibitive for most small businesses, and made it affordable by developing excellent content and providing that same content to all our subscribers.

Since the content is shared, wouldn't there be a "flood" of the same content all at once?

Content is “dripped” to our clients, which helps create variety at any given time. Additionally, similar social media posts are common with popular blog and media posts, making your posts look “popular”.

Wouldn't duplicate content on different blogs create problems with Google?

While it is widely known that Google penalizes duplicate content, there are two considerations here. 1) You can rewrite it. After writing years worth of articles, I've found it to be much easier to rewrite an existing article than to start from scratch. This is a great way for you to insert your personality, expertise and geographic information. If we post for you, you can very easily submit the rewrite and we'll repost it for you!! 2) Many industries use duplicate content and show up on search results. Using duplicate content is not optimum - it can hurt SEO, but there is much more value to have less than ideal content than no content at all. If you would like custom content, please contact us to discuss.

Do you include images with the articles (blog posts) or social media posts?

To encourage more diversity in the way these posts show up, we provide links to high quality, free images that you can search and use for your own posts.

I really don't want to do this myself. Does it cost much for you to do it all for me?

We have priced services that can easily cost thousands of dollars per month much more affordably. We can do it all for under $1200!

How can I see the social media and website statistics?

These are available through your platforms. We offer basic analytics reporting and tracking for your SEO, website traffic, email, social media, and competition for $550 per month. We can track it AND help you take action to improve results for $1500 per month.

Do you require a contract or commitment?

Nope! Swipe and Grow is a month to month service, so no contracts or commitments are required.


WordPress Tutorials: Dashboard Training Demo

One of the Many Training Videos that Come with BasicPLUS and Team Subscriptions

Pricing Options Start at Only $147 / Month and the first set is FREE.

Free trial for Standard Level only - but everyone gets a 14-day money back guarantee!!

Social Posting Demo

Blog Posting Demo

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7 Day Risk Free Trial

Try Swipe and Grow Basic or Swipe and Grow Plus Real Estate Digital Marketing for 7 days – completely free! You can cancel at any time within those 7 days and pay nothing!! Every level has NO CONTRACTS, so you can cancel at any time to stop your subscription at the next billing cycle.

We are excited for you to be another happy client!

Try Swipe and Grow for 7 Days - FREE! Get 2 free blog posts and 10 long / 10 short free social media posts.

Free trial for Standard Level only - but a 14 Day Guarantee for all levels.